Who am I?

Color, beauty, the raw basic elements have always made me very curious. That is the reason I studied and worked years in the makeup industry, as a leading makeup artist, in the film, television and commercial field. From the beauty of color and texture, the path to jewelry design was clear for me.
I believe that we must take care of our bodies and souls, thus I am a Vegan and practice yoga on a regular basis. I know now that there is a distinct connection between the mind and the body.

My jewelry

All of my jewelry collections (rings,wedding rings,engagements designed rings,necklaces and earrings) are handmade, with my personal touch on every piece of jewelry, because in every creation of mine there is a part of me.
In my work, as in my personal life, quality of materials, products, places, and people that I work with and the connection between them are of the utmost importance to me.I chose,  to work with the best materials possible. Silver and Gold, Semi- Precious and Precious stones. My favorite stone is the Aquastone (Water), for me it represents tranquility, Power and Softness combined.

For more information contact me

Michal Bendzel Friedman +972-54 4453757





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